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Re: Norman Caplan

To Whom It May Concern:

Norman Caplan was one of 6 co-founders of Gary Shakespeare Company in 2013 as well as a significant financial contributor supporting our first three productions.  In December of 2014 Norman Caplan stepped down from the GSC Board of Directors and all financial ties were severed.  From that time to the present, GSC has had no contact with Caplan on any matter.  GSC was not aware and is not involved with Caplan’s current theatre work in any way.

Gary Shakespeare Company is dedicated to bringing actors and audiences of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds together in the enjoyment of the works of William Shakespeare and in the shared experience of live performance.  We seek to enrich the public spaces of Northwest Indiana with passionate, vivid performances that reflect and include our community.  Our recent production of As You Like It reached over 1000 audience members in 8 different venues across Northwest Indiana free of charge.

Mark Baer
President, Gary Shakespeare Company